Emmerdale’s John and Declan – It’s war!

James Thornton tells Soaplife that John will do whatever it takes to stop Declan forcing him out of Emmerdale

Why has John fallen out with Adam?

“He doesn’t believe Adam is pulling his weight. Adam’s preoccupied with his girlfriend Mia and isn’t putting in the hours. It hurts John that he isn’t taking the farm as seriously as he used to and he’s jealous of Declan and Adam’s relationship.”

How does he react when Adam takes up Declan’s job offer?

“He’s shocked and insulted because John takes a lot of pride in being a farmer himself. Adam’s basically saying he wants better than what his dad can give him. He feels rejected by his own son.”

John warns Adam that he can’t trust Declan. Why?

“John thinks Declan is arrogant, but he also feels threatened by Declan and his success as a businessman.”

How does John find out that Declan is planning to sell off Butler’s Farm?

“He approaches Declan because he wants to extend the lease by another 15 years, fully expecting Declan to think it’s a great idea. Instead Declan announces he’s selling and the new buyer doesn’t want John to run the farm. John’s devastated.”

What would leaving Butler’s mean to John and the Bartons?

“There’s no way John wants to leave – for the past two years he’s put his heart and soul into the farm.”

How does John get into a fight with Declan at The Woolpack?

“Declan makes him an improved offer for the remaining two years on the farm lease. But it’s not about money for John. Butler’s is his life. Then Declan says Adam’s now working for him because John didn’t value him. That really hurts. He launches himself at Declan and they have to be split up.”

Declan declares war on John. How bad is the war going to get?

“It could get nasty. They’re a good match because Declan’s a smart, cunning businessman and although John may not be quite so savvy he’s just as determined and stubborn. He won’t be bossed about by anyone. There’s no way he’ll back down.”

Why hasn’t John been honest with Moira about Declan’s offer?

“Because he doesn’t think the money is an issue so it‘s not worth discussing. When Moira finds out, she’s upset he hasn‘t consulted her. He apologises, but he’s going to have to consult the family in future if he wants to keep them onside.”

How far will John go to keep the farm?

“Whatever is necessary, even if it means being as cunning as Declan. He intends

to raise more money from the bank and potentially buy the farm himself. He doesn’t see why he should drop everything he’s worked so hard for. He loves the farm, his job there, his home – and he isn’t prepared to let it all go…”

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