When the cops crack her false alibi – it looks like it’s prison for Kelly Windsor in Emmerdale. Adele Silva tells all…

Why did Kelly lie to police and give Jimmy King a false alibi for the night his dad Tom was murdered?
“For the first time in her life, Kelly’s in love. It’s a revelation to her. She’s never felt this way about a man before.”

Is Kelly really in love with Jimmy – or his money?
“True, she was initially attracted to Jimmy’s money, but it’s gone beyond that now. The money would be nice – she’s not changed that much – but Jimmy’s the person she’s most bothered about. Kelly’s serious about him and he’s just as serious about her. They’re devoted to each other.”

Until Pearl overhears Jimmy and Kelly discussing her false alibi and dobs them into the police, that is…
“Kelly ends up being taken in for questioning and is offered the chance to change her statement, tell the truth about Jimmy and the alibi. She’s terrified and confesses all.”

But when the King brothers are arrested for conspiracy to murder and later granted bail, Jimmy refuses to forgive Kelly, doesn’t he?
“She’s heartbroken and blames herself for the mess the brothers are in. But it really isn’t her fault. She only ever lied to protect Jimmy.”

Surely, it’s Kelly who needs protecting when she gets arrested for peverting the course of justice?
“She knows she’d never survive in prison and is desperate. Bob and Viv are furious with her that she lied and maybe withheld information while Bob was the main suspect and she has no one else…”

So does Jimmy save her?
“He does more than that. He gets her out and asks her to move in with him.

Do we hear the sound of wedding bells?!
“That would be nice but they’ve both got to stay out of prison for that to happen… and that’s not looking too hopeful right now.”

Kelly doesn’t really think Jimmy might have killed his dad, does she?
“It’s something she is struggling with in between loving him. She desperately wants to believe it was someone else but there have been a few instances where she’s thought: ‘Hold on a minute. Why, if he’s innocent, did he need a false alibi?'”

Is there a chance that Kelly could still end up behind bars?
“I sincerely hope not. I don’t know how Kelly would cope if she was sent to jail. She comes out with these bitchy one-liners but actually she’s not that tough.”