Emmerdale’s Kelvin: ‘Andy falls for Debbie again!’

Emmerdale‘s Kelvin Fletcher reveals to Soaplife that when Debbie lures Andy into bed, she just wants to make a baby, but Andy wants a lot more!

The time’s right for Andy to sleep with Debbie! How does he feel?

“Not great. It’s such an abnormal situation. They both have a few drinks, but when Andy goes to kiss Debbie, she freaks and says she can’t do it. He feels really humiliated.”

But then Debbie asks him to meet her at a hotel…

“She’s dressed up and has booked them a room, having lied to Cameron about where she is. Andy’s about to storm out when she starts pleading with him to stay. He doesn’t need much persuading, but it’s not about the sex. She’s desperate for Sarah’s sake – and so is he.”

How does he feel afterwards?

“Confused. It’s not like he’s suddenly hit with Cupid’s arrow, but he is feeling something for Debbie. It was as if they were making love rather than just having sex. So all these questions are now buzzing around in his mind.”

Then Debbie supports Andy at the memorial service for Viv and Terry…

“And he’s really made up and reads too much into it. Reality hits when Cameron turns up and Debbie falls into his arms.”

But that doesn’t stop Andy, does it?

“No. Andy starts going to Debbie’s at every opportunity. He’s kidding himself. Debbie’s very happy with Cameron, but now she and Andy have this secret. No one knows they slept together and, in fact, Cameron tells Debbie that if she had slept with Andy, he would have left her!”

Ah! So Andy might tell Cameron?

“Not in a calculated way, but he’s going to become more and more jealous of Cameron and, in his deluded state of mind, he might think that Cameron should know about him and Debbie…”