Emmerdale’s Kelvin: ‘Andy’s back with Debbie!’

Emmerdale‘s Kelvin Fletcher reveals to Soaplife that Andy is prepared to do anything to save Sarah – including having another baby with Debbie!

Andy and Debbie are pinning all their hopes for saving Sarah on a bone marrow donor. So it’s a terrible blow when the donor they’ve found pulls out at the 11th hour. “Andy can’t understand how this can be when surely the donor knows Sarah is dying,” says Kelvin. “It’s a huge shock.” But not as big a shock as Debbie’s Plan B…

So what is Debbie’s plan?

“She says she and Andy should have another baby – a ‘saviour sibling’ – by selective IVF. She’s done her research about sibling donors. The bone marrow of a new baby will hopefully be a match for Sarah although nothing’s guaranteed.”

Oh! And what does Andy say?

“It’s another bombshell. Andy’s like, ‘Hang on! We can’t just have a baby!’ He thinks she’s being ridiculous, especially when she tells him they’ll have to have baby after baby until they find a match for Sarah. Debbie’s solely focusing on Sarah, but Andy’s thinking about the implications. What about their partners, Alicia and Cameron, for a start?”

Debbie talks him round, though, doesn’t she?

“She convinces Andy by saying it’s their only realistic way of saving Sarah.”

How do Alicia and Cameron react?

“It’s a massive shock and probably more hurtful for Alicia as she can’t have any children of her own. For her boyfriend to be proposing to have a baby with Debbie – for whatever reason – is a real kick in the teeth. But both Alicia and Cameron show great strength of character and decide to stand by Andy and Debbie.”

But to qualify for IVF, Debbie and Andy have to pretend they’re a couple. Does this complicate things more?

“Of course. When Debbie tells Andy they have to pretend to be a couple to be accepted for IVF, he can’t see how he can do this. It’s far more involved than Andy agreeing to have another baby. He’s also going to have to live with Debbie to make their relationship seem genuine.”

Is Andy worried he’ll lose Alicia?

“Very! He worries a baby with Debbie will split up him and Alicia and what if the baby isn’t a match for Sarah? It’s a massive risk, but Andy ultimately feels it’s one worth taking.”

Will Andy and Debbie become closer?

“They’re bound to. Only Debbie and Andy can understand how the other is feeling. There’s a real bond between them.”