Emmerdale’s Kelvin: ‘Debbie wants sex with Andy!’

But Emmerdale‘s Kelvin Fletcher reveals to Soaplife how farm boy Andy could find that having sex with Debbie may produce much more than the hoped-for ‘saviour sibling’ for Sarah

Andy and Debbie have always sworn they’ll do whatever it takes to help Sarah as she suffers a life-threatening illness. But with their options disappearing fast, Andy’s shocked when Debbie says they should try one last thing and sleep together to make a saviour sibling. “Debbie’s really upfront about it as if it’s not a problem… as easy as 1-2-3,” Kelvin tells Soaplife. “But Andy knows it’s definitely not that easy.” And he’s not wrong…

Andy must be very worried about Sarah this Christmas…

“He’s kind of accepted this might be Sarah’s last Christmas and that’s hard. He’s trying to make it as happy and normal as possible. He buys her loads of presents and there are a few comments about him spoiling her, but he doesn’t care.”

Does he care when Alicia and Debbie argue at the Christmas lunch?

“Debbie’s out of order, saying some nasty things, but Alicia doesn’t rise above it and ignore her as Andy’s hoping she will. He’s angry with both of them. He feels there’s a time and a place for arguing and this clearly isn’t it.”

Is he upset when Debbie’s pregnancy test is negative?

“He’s very disappointed. It means yet more of a wait and all the time Sarah’s getting sicker and sicker. But he’s still optimistic and thinks they’ve got to keep trying.”

Then Debbie suggests making a baby the natural way…

“Yes! Andy thinks it’s a wind-up. When he realises it’s not he’s extremely shocked she’s even mentioning such a thing. Apart from anything else, Andy can’t see how Cameron and Alicia would accept it.”

Is Andy scared he’ll lose Alicia?

“He’s very concerned about telling Alicia. He nearly lost her over the whole artificial insemination thing so he’s bound to lose her over this.”

And Alicia does move out… How upset is he?

“He’s hurt, but at the same time he knows he must do all he can to help Sarah. He’s definitely willing to sacrifice his relationship for his daughter. He’ll do whatever it takes, and if that means him losing everything around him he’s prepared for that to happen.”

How does he feel about actually having sex with Debbie?

“Weird – but to be honest he’s too shocked to have thought that through. It’s the impact on everyone else of him sleeping with Debbie that’s concerning him rather than the actual act.”

Could he could become emotionally involved?

“He’s not anticipating that he will. He’s a man – he can do sex without emotions. But then things like that happen without you expecting them to…”