Emmerdale’s Kelvin: ‘Kerry catches Andy and Amy’

Kelvin Fletcher reveals to Soaplife that no sooner has Andy decided that Amy is the one he wants in Emmerdale, he finds out he can’t have her…because Kerry is pregnant!

So that kiss Andy shared with Amy did mean something after all…
“Yes. He’s slightly confused as he can’t deny his feelings for her. That kiss took him by surprise and he found himself thinking ‘Hang on! I never saw her in that light before’. So, yeah, it started with the kiss.”

Who gives Andy the push that he needs to admit his feelings to Amy?
“Moira. Andy tells her he likes somebody who’s quite close to home. Moira’s advice is: ‘If you feel that way then go for it’. So he asks Amy round. He says he wants her to help him decorate, but the real reason is because he wants to spend time with her and take it from there.”

“Andy tells Amy he does like her, but because of everything that’s happened he doesn’t want to rush anything. They both realise there are feelings between them and they do like each other.”

Then Kerry walks in to find them sharing a passionate kiss…
“Andy and Amy are curled up on the sofa, watching a DVD and kissing. Kerry’s completely shocked. But it can’t have come as that much of a surprise because she knows they’ve kissed already. She says something like, ‘Oh you couldn’t wait to pick up where you left off, could you?’”

And Kerry proves to be a real passion killer, doesn’t she, when she announces she’s pregnant?
“Andy’s in total disbelief. It’s a massive bombshell. Amy doesn’t believe it for a second. She immediately tells Kerry she knows she’s lying and she’s just trying to make Andy panic and get back with her. Amy’s words reassure Andy, but there is a part of him that’s thinking, ‘But what if she is?’ The last thing he wants is another baby, especially with Kerry. They will not be getting back together.”

So he tells Kerry to have a termination…
“He quite bluntly says: ‘I don’t want this baby!’ And he tells her he doesn’t think she should have it, either, as it’s only a few weeks since she almost killed Jack and Sarah. She’s in no fit state to be a mother.”

Will Andy have to forget about Amy if Kerry insists on having this baby?
“Certainly for the short term. A relationship with Amy is the last thing he’ll be thinking about. He’s thinking how a baby will impact on Jack, Sarah, Debbie, work, money… He has much bigger priorities to deal with!”


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