Emmerdale’s Kelvin on Andy’s friend with benefits

Emmerdale‘s Kelvin Fletcher reveals to Soaplife that Andy gets some action at last with Amy’s mum, Kerry – but hints that she’s not a keeper…

Andy’s one of the hottest guys in Emmerdale but, apart from that baby-making night with Debbie, his love life’s been a desert. So when he shares a heart-to-heart with Kerry, it’s no surprise they end up in bed. “He sympathises with her and fancies her, too,” says Kelvin. But, he adds, he doesn’t think love’s got anything to do with it. “I think Kerry’s too much like him for that to happen…”

So if it’s not love then it must be lust?

“Oh, yes; there’s some lust straightaway. Andy can see she’s a bit of a handful, but he also sees something of himself in her – she’s a black sheep like him. Then when he starts to get to know her he’s attracted to her personality.”

But why on earth does he take Kerry in after Amy kicks her out?

“He finds her crying at the bus stop and can see how desperately she’s trying to put things right with Amy. He tells her he has a daughter, so he knows what it’s like. Andy feels she should be given a second chance – he knows about those more than anyone.”

Does Andy tell her about his past?

“Yes, he opens up pretty quickly. He finds Kerry really easy to talk to and tells her he feels like they’ve been friends for ever. It’s clear they have a connection and they feel very comfortable with each other. Andy’s not scared to tell Kerry about how his marriage to Jo ended because he was aggressive towards her, or about his other troubles. Kerry applauds his honesty.”

And she turns to him for comfort when Amy takes off to London?

“Yeah. He’s the person Kerry turns to because she doesn’t have anyone else. He’s there to support her and be a shoulder to cry on.”

Kerry cooks Andy a meal to say thanks – and he has her for dessert!

“Yes. Andy does what he does best, which is lead Kerry to the bedroom! She’s cooked this kind of romantic meal and he’s very flattered. I think it’s Andy who goes in for the kiss first. Then it goes from there and they spend the night together.”

Does he see this as a one-night stand or something more?

“In the morning he wakes up and is quite cool, saying that maybe last night was a mistake. But she seems to want to take things further. This is too fast for Andy, who says, ‘Look, it was just a bit of fun’. You can tell Kerry’s hurt by this, but she gets him on side by offering to be ‘buddies’ with ‘no strings attached’. Andy thinks it’s perfect – ‘friends with benefits’.

Are you pleased that Andy finally has a woman again?

“I’m happy he has a companion – if you can call Kerry that, but it’s kind of short-lived. Maybe Andy’s on the hunt for another woman. You never know with him. He’s a bit like the village bike. Everyone’s had a ride!”