Emmerdale’s Kurtis: ‘Alex wants Moira!’

Emmerdale‘s Kurtis Stacey reveals to Soaplife why Alex is topless in front of a flustered Moira – and how his wish for a kiss from her almost comes true…

Soaplife always knew farmhand Alex was meant for bigger things than a boy-girl romance with Victoria. Now the sexual chemistry is sizzling between him and Moira and Kurtis is loving it. “But it’s not your typical cougar scenario,” he says. “Alex really likes Moira and he’s not thinking about her age.” Seems all they’re thinking about is each other…

So is it definitely all over between Alex and Victoria?

“Alex doesn’t want to be with Victoria any more because of the constant moaning, arguing and stress. Plus he’s also got this little thing with Moira. He’s starting to have feelings for her which makes him realise he doesn’t want a relationship with Victoria.”

This ‘little thing’ Alex has got with Moira… Has he always secretly fancied her?

“He noticed Moira from day one. Remember the first thing he ever said to her was, ‘You’re Mrs Barton?!’ He couldn’t believe it because she looked so young and attractive. He’s always liked her, but it has gone beyond that now. He cares about her – it’s not just a sexual fantasy. He has started to notice the way Moira is around him – the chemistry is building between them. She has invited him to stay at the farm and you can’t put two people who are attracted to each other together in a house alone and expect nothing to happen!”

It’s not very long since John died. Does Alex think Moira’s ready for a new relationship?

“Moira’s strong, isn’t she? She doesn’t show her vulnerable side – or at least Alex never sees it. John’s death is in the past. Alex probably thinks it’s time she moved on.”

But she’s pushing him to get back with Victoria!

“She does it because she feels her attraction for Alex is wrong. She’s in denial and trying to block the feelings out.”

Alex does try to talk to Victoria, but ends up pouring a pint over his own head! Why?

“Victoria’s really getting on his nerves so he says, ‘Oh, just hit me or something. Pour a pint over my head!’ She says she wouldn’t waste her time so he does it to himself.”

Then back at the farm he strips off his wet T-shirt in front of Moira…

“He knows she’s watching. He could have waited and gone to his room, but he does it in the kitchen. It’s an instinctive rather than a premeditated thing. They’re both pushing it with their flirting.”

And things heat up the next day when Alex and Moira have a drink together at home…

“They’re having a laugh and suddenly he goes in for a kiss. She kisses him back for a bit, but then she pulls away and gives a little giggle. Alex feels rather embarrassed. He’s had a knock back, but he’ll keep on trying because he really does like her. It’s not just a fling or a fantasy. Their hearts are in it.”