Emmerdale bosses are set to kill off Len Reynolds so that he can join Dad’s Army.

Actor Peter Martin, who arrived in Emmerdale in 2001, has landed the role of Captain Mainwaring in a stage production of the hit BBC comedy, according to reports in The Mirror.

So Emmerdale chiefs have decided to bump him off in what’s set to be an action-packed week for the soap as Tom King’s murder trial also kicks off.

A show insider said: “Details of how Len dies are being kept under wraps but any sudden death is always a winner when it comes to ratings.”

Former Emmerdale stars Anna Brecon (Lady Tara Thornfield), Cleveland Campbell (Danny Daggert) and Anthony Lewis (grandson Marc Reynolds) all return to the Dales for Len’s emotional funeral.

A source said: “There is a degree of irony at the ceremony because it is attended by Len’s old army pals and in a Union Jack draped coffin he is given a full military send off.

“People think it was a fitting farewell seeing as Peter is off to star in Dad’s Army!”

Len, who came to blows with Tom King over Edna Birch, is one of 11 characters in the frame for his murder.

Bosses have filmed three possible outcomes to Tom King’s trial to guarantee that viewers are kept in suspense.