Emmerdale’s Lesley Dunlop talks to Soaplife about Brenda’s newfound happiness with Bob – and reveals how it is quickly ruined by devastating news from the hospital

So, how does Bob charm Brenda in Emmerdale?
“He’s so jealous of her dating Brian that he blurts out he loves her! Then, as he’s trying to explain his feelings, she stops him with a kiss.”

And takes him to bed! But all’s not well the next day, is it?
“Brenda’s babysitting Molly with Georgia when suddenly everything goes black for Brenda. She doesn’t pass out but kind of zones out. She’s by Molly’s cot at the time and spills some of her hot tea into it. It doesn’t scald the baby but it terrifies Brenda.”

So much so that she doesn’t want to babysit Molly again, right?
“Yes. Brenda’s terrified she’ll black out when she’s looking after the baby. But she’s supposed to be taking Molly swimming and can’t think of a good excuse to get out of it without telling Gennie that she’s worried about her health.”

But then she crashes her car!
“It’s lucky it happens before she’s left the village. She nearly runs over Val and ends up hitting the B&B wall. Molly seems OK but Gennie takes her to the hospital to be sure.”

And what about Brenda?
“She’s shaken and Bob takes her to café. But Val starts saying Brenda deliberately tried to run her down and suddenly Brenda has a seizure.”

And she’s taken to hospital…
“She thinks she’ll just have a quick check up but they say they want to keep her in for tests and a biopsy. This throws Brenda into a complete panic and Gennie and Nikhil start to worry.”

And so they should! The test results aren’t good, are they?
“Gennie’s with Brenda when a neurosurgeon tells Brenda that she has a lesion on her brain and they need to perform a biopsy. Gennie’s shell-shocked but Brenda goes into denial.”