Emmerdale’s Liam: ‘Dan still wants to help Chas’

Emmerdale‘s Liam Fox reveals to Soaplife how Dan was so desperate to have Charity he was blinded by love… Now he sees the truth and feels angry, hurt, betrayed, but still cares for Chas!

So, does Dan believe that Chas killed Carl?

“No! No matter what has happened, he can’t believe that, no.”

Is he going to stand by her?

“Whatever she may have done, she’s still his wife and as much as it seems like a crazy thing to do, he still wants to help her out. He wants to make sure she’s OK. He could have just washed his hands of the situation, but he’s not yet prepared to do that. If Dan’s angry at anyone it’s Cameron. I think everyone would be happier if Cameron was out of the picture.”

But Dan shares a very close moment with Lizzie and it looks like he’s ready to replace Chas…

“Well, Dan and Lizzie are good mates, really, but when both have had a drink, things could go a bit further. Lizzie doesn’t want to be a rebound fling for Dan, though. She knows he still has feelings for Chas and it’s not the right time for her to become involved with him, neither is it the right time for him to become involved with anyone else. So it’s a bit of banter – with the potential for something a little bit more!”

What’s next for Dan?

“Well, I’d like to see him sort his life out a little bit. Look after himself a bit more, keep a good relationship with his ex and kids, and try and build a better life for himself. He has the potential to do anything he wants, but needs to be more positive about himself, I think.”

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