Emmerdale’s Louise Marwood on Chrissie’s bid to have the Father’s Day she’s dreamed of

Chrissie suspects Lawrence is up to no good and it kick-starts her quest to find her real dad all over again, Louise Marwood revealed to Soaplife…

Ever since she found out Lawrence wasn’t her real dad, Chrissie White has had a burning desire to know her biological father. For a while, she thought he was Ronnie Hale. But that turned out to be a false trail. This week she finally starts to unravel the truth when she snoops on Lawrence. “He’s being very sheepish,” Chrissie actress Louise Marwood told Soaplife. “After a bit of detective work, she finds out she has an uncle called Tim.” Is Chrissie about to open another can of worms?

Why is Chrissie so desperate to meet her real father?
“She loves Lawrence [John Bowe], but she needs to know who she is. She believes she’ll get some resolution about where she came from and what’s at her very core if she finds her real dad. She needs answers.”

Why is she suspicious of Lawrence?
“He’s behaving suspiciously and, when he’s been like this before, it’s usually because he’s lying about something. He has no idea that she’s on to him. He gives himself more credit for his lying skills than he should.”

What does she find out?
“She gets hold of Lawrence’s phone and she rings the last number dialled. It’s his associate, Dean. She asks him to come to the house so she can talk to him.”

Does Chrissie trust Dean?
“No, but she knows his type and how to make them work for her. Dean explains that Lawrence asked him to track down a man called Tim Richards. Chrissie’s never heard of the name. She asks Lawrence about him and he acts the innocent, but she and her sister, Rebecca [Emily Head], finally force Lawrence to open up. He explains that Tim is Chrissie’s uncle.”

What does she make of that?
“She feels betrayed. Lawrence has known this all along, but Chrissie guesses he’s being fatherly and trying to protect her. He promises he’ll help her find Tim.”

Does she know he’s lying about that?
“Chrissie has no reason to think Lawrence isn’t telling her the truth, but the audience will see that he’s lying to her.”

Would you like her to find her real dad?
“I would, but I’d also love it if she realised what she has rather than endlessly searching for the unknown.”

Will she meet her uncle?
“Yes. I know who’s playing him and he’s fabulous. He’s brought a brilliant new energy to Home Farm.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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