Emmerdale’s Louise Marwood: ‘Chrissie may start the fire, but SHE is the victim’ (VIDEO)

As Emmerdale is ripped apart by a disastrous helicopter crash, Louise Marwood says her character Chrissie Sugden is actually the victim despite starting the fire that leads to the crash!

Louise told What’s on TV that she hopes the public go easy on Chrissie because, while she starts the fire, she just wanted to destroy her adulterous husband Robert’s prized sports car.

Louise said: “… At the heart of everything she’s really a good person, unlike Robert. Everything he does is to save himself, is to protect himself, to enable him to behave in a certain way, get away with things. Everything she does comes from the heart, to protect her family, is done with love. This is her reacting in the moment with anger and beyond grief almost for her relationship and this man she thought she loved.”

Louise continued: “So she’s behaved sort of quite erratically for her and it obviously has consequences because it’s not something she goes around doing… It’s always the nice ones who do something who really don’t get away with it.

“So it’s quite spectacular the fallout about what happens and I don’t how she’ll deal with it because she’d never have meant for anything [tragic] to happen… Not even to Robert – she just wanted to burn his car!”

Watch the interview with Emmerdale’s Louise Marwood, above.