Chrissie Sugden is ready to take her punishment in court for causing the helicopter crash – and then Robert tries to make her see things differently, says Emmerdale’s Louise Marwood

How has Chrissie felt since the helicopter crash?

“She can never forgive herself for what she’s done. It’s devastating for her. She never meant for any of this to happen. Everything she did came from a place of hurt and the repercussions are too awful for her to comprehend. She’s vulnerable, scared and deeply troubled.”

How does she feel about going to prison?

“She wants to go to prison. She’s terrified about it, but she believes she should pay for what she has done and is ready to plead guilty. She isn’t like Robert [Ryan Hawley], who’s always trying to think of ways to save himself.”

And yet Robert does influence her…

“Robert being in her life is such a bad thing and she knows it. She blames him for everything. But he makes her see the repercussions for her son, Lachlan [Thomas Atkinson], if she goes ahead and pleads guilty…”

Where does Chrissie go from here?

“She’s trying to piece her life back together, but she has no friends left in the village. Things will never be the same for her. People in the village are devastated by what happened and that isn’t going to go away overnight.”

Emmerdale, ITV.