Emmerdale’s Lucy: ‘Aaron might kill himself’

Emmerdale‘s Lucy Pargeter talks to Soaplife about Chas’s worry that Aaron’s hit the self-destruct button and she won’t be able to save him from himself…

How worried is Chas about Aaron’s state of mind?

“Very worried. Chas thought that by now Aaron would have accepted that he did what he did for Jackson for the right reasons and would have come to terms with Jackson’s death.”

Then Aaron collapses…

“Chas is worried Aaron’s ill and has been working too hard. He’s constantly out and is burning the candle at both ends. She just wants to look after him.”

What about Aaron threatening Hazel with a wrench?

“He doesn’t actually threaten her, but lashes out and Hazel sees this. Chas is a bit dubious about Hazel coming back to the village. With Hazel back, Aaron is going to be reminded about Jackson all over again and he reacts badly to her return. As always, Chas asks Paddy for help.”

She gets really worried when she sees blood on Aaron’s shirt, doesn’t she?

“She asks him about it and goes to unzip his top, but he holds her hand back and she doesn’t know if he’s going to hit her or what. But then he lets her look at it and also shows her all the slashes on his torso.”

Is she shocked?

“She knew his hand was constantly bandaged, but Chas thought it was a boxing injury.”

How does she feel when Aaron tells her that he won’t stop self-harming?

“He says it helps, but Chas can’t get her head around it, and can’t see why cutting yourself would help deal with anything. She’s desperate for him to get help.”

Then Chas threatens to harm herself!

“She’s at the end of her tether and she doesn’t know what else to do. Her last resort is showing Aaron what it looks like. I don’t think she could ever do it, but she’s in such a state. Aaron takes the knife off her and tells her to calm down and she just crumbles.”

Does Chas think there’s anyone who can get through to Aaron?

“Only professionals. They’re the only people she thinks might be able to help.”

Is she worried that Aaron will actually try to kill himself again?

“Well, there’s always the danger that he might slash himself and go too far. I don’t think she thinks he would actually kill himself in order to be with Jackson or anything like that, but he could bleed to death if he takes the self-harming too far.”

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