Emmerdale’s Lucy: ‘Cameron could kill Chas’

Lucy Pargeter tells Soaplife that Chas is getting suspicious about Cameron in Emmerdale. But what exactly is it she thinks he has done?

Why is Chas suddenly worried about Cameron’s behaviour?
“He starts disappearing, he says he’s going places and then it turns out he’s not there, he doesn’t come back when he says he will, he’s sharp with her… He’s just not his usual self. Chas loves him and is concerned that he’s so bad-tempered and moody.”

She thinks he’s having an affair, doesn’t she?
“Yes, but it’s Gennie who puts that idea into her head. Then he arranges a spa night for them and says he’ll take care of the pub. But Gennie and Chas see him driving out of the village and they’re convinced he’s up to no good.”

He’s actually trying to move Alex’s body! And because he’s nearly caught he decides he has to leave the village…
“Chas’s immediate reaction is that Cameron’s leaving because suddenly she’s started to doubt him and pressure him. She thinks, ‘I’ve pushed him too far but he’s obviously going through something very serious that is making him not be himself’. She thinks she’s pushed him over the edge.”

It looks like Cameron’s about to confess all – killing Carl, killing Alex – but Gennie walks in…
“And Gennie’s appearance completely scuppers that. Chas and Cameron end up having a bit of an argument and he loses the plot again, so Chas goes to stay with Gennie. When Chas returns in the morning she tells him she knows he has something he wants to tell her.”

And he tells her he’s suffering from depression! Does she believe him?
“She doesn’t particularly doubt him but, then again, she’s desperate for any explanation for his weird behaviour. It’s much easier for her to accept he might be depressed, rather than that he’s having an affair.”

If Cameron confessed his murders to Chas, should she fear for her life?
“Yes. I think he’s capable of of killing anyone – and that includes Chas.”


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