Emmerdale’s Lucy: ‘Chas is gunning for Cameron!’

Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter reveals to Soaplife that when Gennie’s recorder finally gives up its secrets, Chas wastes no time in telling Debbie that Cameron must pay for his crimes…

So how does Chas find out the whole awful truth?
“Debbie shows her the recorder and says there’s proof on it that Gennie was still alive after the crash, but Chas doesn’t instantly think Cameron killed her.”

What changes her mind?
“Debbie tells her that Cameron killed Carl and that they were chasing Gennie when she crashed.”

Wow! That’ll do it. How does Chas react?
“She’s angry with Debbie. There’s a lot to forgive because Debbie didn’t have to get in that car and chase Gennie. She knew Cameron was a murderer and yet she did nothing about it. Chas also thinks that Debbie has known about Carl for a long time and could have put her out of her misery sooner.”

What does Chas do?
“She tells Debbie they’re going straight to the police.”

To play them the recorder?
“Yes, but Debbie’s deleted Cameron’s confession, so the police decide to bug her house and Debbie has to get him to confess again.”

That sounds dangerous…
“Chas doesn’t care if Debbie’s in danger. She wants Cameron caught. Debbie’s scared, though… for herself and for Jack and Sarah…”