Emmerdale‘s Lucy Pargeter talks to Soaplife about Chas’s love life – and whether her future is with farmer John

Are Chas and farmer John going to be Emmerdale’s new romance?
“There is definitely a sizzle between them. Chas is attracted to John. He’s strong, good-looking and kind. Also, I think she can see his vulnerability and hurt over what has happened between Moira and Cain.”

Has she always secretly fancied him?
“I think as he was so happily married to Moira she’d never considered him before.”

John tells Moira their marriage is definitely over – but what does he tell Chas?
“John and Chas have a chat in his 4×4 and he explains it’s truly over with Moira as he can’t forgive her. Still, Chas is worried John could be trying to get at Moira by flirting with her. And she wonders if she’s just a complete rebound reaction from John. So she stalls him by telling him he needs to ask her out properly.”

Would Chas like a proper relationship with John?
“I think Chas would like a relationship again as she has been single for a while. She wants to be loved and to love as well. She’s very aware of the problems with getting together with John due to her job working with Moira, but I think she’s quite keen on him…”

Would you like to see Chas settle down?
“Yes, I think Chas is ready to have some stability in her life. Her job is going well, Aaron seems to be picking up a bit so I think she is starting to have the time and energy for love. But whether it will be with John we’ll have to wait and see!”