Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has played man-eater Chas Dingle for 10 years but confessed kissing on screen still makes her cringe.

Chas is about to embark on her latest affair with her cousin Debbie’s boyfriend Cameron, played by Dominic Power, and Lucy told The Daily Mirror, she wishes she didn’t have to get up close and personal with him on screen.

Lucy said: “Yes, it’s acting, but it’s still embarrassing! Whatever people think, I can find it really awkward.

“You’re sat there thinking, ‘This is normally something people do in private and here we are doing it in front of everybody. This isn’t right’.

“So whatever the storyline, when the time comes part of me always says, ‘Shall we just not do this?’ If you know the person it’s even worse.”

Lucy added: “I don’t think many people would enjoy taking anything off in front of the nation, so when Chas has to start shedding clothes, I start feeling nervous. Luckily, it’s Emmerdale – so we only see the odd bit of shoulder. There are no full frontals!”

And the 35-year-old mother-of-one revealed she doesn’t like seeing herself on TV, even with clothes on.

She said: “The arrival of high definition hasn’t helped. I can’t bear to watch myself in HD. You can see every line and wrinkle. That isn’t something any woman would enjoy.

“Like most actors, I spend most of my time going through extreme emotions and all that drama plays havoc with your face.”