Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter: ‘Chas proposes!’

Emmerdale‘s Lucy Pargeter reveals to Soaplife how Chas gets her man…but it’s not Cameron, it’s Dan!

What on earth does Chas see in Dan?

“In Dan, she sees everything she saw in Paddy – security, selfless love, the certainty that he’d never cheat on her. Dan would never treat her like Carl and Cameron have. She’s thinking that if she settles with another man like Paddy this time, she’ll be spared so much heartache. She’s going for a man who is truly devoted to her, rather than the mad lust and love which she’s had with Cameron and Carl.”

So she realises Dan’s besotted with her?

“Oh, yes. It’s really what makes her think that she could be with a man like him. He’s so besotted he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.”

And he’d do anything for her, such as the 10km charity run, which Carl and Cameron have convinced him Chas would appreciate?

“Yes. She thinks they’re horrible and she feels sorry for Dan. He just kind of stands there as they torment him. It makes her think even more that he’s a kind, of genuine man.

And then he tells her he loves her!

“Yeah, she’s a bit freaked out to begin with because it’s so soon. She likes Dan, but it’s more that she’s settling for something which will be good for her rather than being madly in love.”

Dan realises he’s said too much and thinks Chas is going to dump him, but she does the opposite!

“She throws him completely by proposing to him! She’s spurred on by Carl and Cameron and her past. She thinks that what matters the most is to be with someone who’ll do anything for you, who loves you unconditionally, will always be there for you, never treat you badly and be there through thick and thin.”

But Dan says ‘no’ because Chas can’t tell him she loves him…

“That’s right. But later she realises he is everything she wants and she thinks, ‘Yes, I can be happy with him’. Then she tells him she does love him.”

And then Dan proposes!

“Yes, in front of a packed Woolpack. At last she can see a possible future of happiness after the hell she’s been through.”

But will they make it up the aisle?

“It won’t be straight forward. There’ll be a few twists and turns and climbs and falls. It’s exciting as it builds to Emmerdale’s 40th anniversary in October – and it all comes to a head on the big day!”