Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter: ‘Chas tells James she has to reveal his deepest secret to Cain’

Emmerdale‘s Lucy Pargeter has revealed when James Barton finally confides in Chastity Dingle his deepest secret, she threatens to expose it.

James (Bill Ward) recently discovered he is is the biological father of Adam Barton, who he thought was his nephew, as a result of his secret affair with sister-in-law Moira Barton.

Moira is now with Chas’s half-brother Cain Dingle and so when Chas finds out James’s secret she threatens to tell Cain. On a drunken night out Chas and James play truth or dare and Chas reveals her deepest secret – that her son Aaron Livesy fled the village not because he torched the garage as everyone believes, but because he is covering for his mate Adam Barton, who really did it.

James then decides to tell her his secret, that he is Adam’s real father.

Lucy revealed: “He opens up to her about Adam and she’s shocked. And her first instinct is, ‘Does Cain know?’

“She assumes he knows and when James says it’s only Moira, myself and you that know she says, ‘I’m sorry but I’m going to have to tell Cain. After everything that I’ve been through in the past year with my family – I was disowned by my family for keeping secrets. I have to tell Cain, it’s not right.’

“Both James and Moira are desperate for her to keep her mouth shut – but will she?”

The actress also revealed that despite her reaction to James’s secret, Chas is starting to fall for the farmer.

Lucy said: “She’s kind of done it again, she’s fallen quite rapidly for this new man in the village, so she is falling for him, stupidly, and rather quickly.

“She doesn’t really want him to move in, but it’s kind of by default really because he’s got nowhere to stay, so she’s like just move in here. It’s not really her plan, but he does move in and then she kind of likes him around.

“I don’t think she’s thinking long term and she didn’t want him to move in that quickly, but she likes having a man about the place.”


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