Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter: ‘Chas tells James she HAS to tell Cain his secret’

Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter tells Soaplife that when James reveals to Chas about Adam being his son, she tells him she has to tell Cain. Uh-oh…

How does Chas feel about James?
“Chas has fallen for him quickly. She didn’t really want him to move in, but he had nowhere else to stay and she kind of likes having him around. I’m not sure she’s thinking long-term, though.”

She wants to know all his secrets, though…
“He takes her for dinner at the B&B where they play this game of truth or dare. She begins by asking James why his ex, Emma, left. She’s intrigued by her and James says that things were bad and that Finn was a sticking plaster baby which didn’t work.”

Then she tells James about Aaron…
“They’re a bit tipsy, it’s cards on the table and are there any more secrets? They’re talking about their sons when James mentions that Aaron can’t come home because he’s an arsonist and Chas feels safe enough to tell the truth, so she explains that Aaron’s taking the fall for Adam, who’s the real culprit.”

How does James take the news?
“He wasn’t expecting it and is surprised that Chas has been so open with him.”

Is that when he tells Chas that Adam is his son?
“No. The next day he opens up and decides to tell the truth and explains the history between him and Moira.”

“Chas is really shocked and asks if Cain knows. When James tells her Cain doesn’t, Chas tells James that after everything she has been through with her family, she has to tell Cain. She was disowned by the Dingles for keeping secrets and she can’t keep something like this from Cain.”

But will Chas tell Cain?
“You’ll have to wait and see. Obviously, both James and Moira are desperate for her to keep her mouth shut…”



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