Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter says Chas will do ANYTHING to keep Aaron safe

Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter tells Soaplife how Chas is terrified by Aaron’s return. He’s still wanted by the police. But Chas has a plan to change that…

After two years hiding from the law in France, Chas’s son, Aaron, returns to Emmerdale tonight (Thursday). But it’s no time to bring out the bunting. Chas knows if the police catch him, he’ll go to jail for arson – even though Adam is the arsonist. “Chas is happy to see Aaron, but she’s also angry, shocked and confused. She can’t tell anyone where he is and she’s finding it stressful,” Lucy reveals to Soaplife…

So Chas didn’t know Aaron (Danny Miller) was coming home?
“No. She called Aaron to tell him Adam was in trouble, but he didn’t tell her he was coming back. She makes a call to his phone and, when she gets an English ring tone, she realises he’s in the UK.”

To help Adam (Adam Thomas)…
“Yes and she’s concerned that if Adam is involved in anything dodgy, and Aaron tries to help, he’ll get into more trouble. He’s on a slippery slope.”

But Aaron is troubled, isn’t he?
“Chas and Aaron are holed up in Moira’s [Natalie J Robb] barn when Aaron goes to change his clothes. Chas sees fresh scars where he’s self-harmed, which makes her remember how desperate and bitterly unhappy he was after his partner Jackson’s death.”

What does Chas want to do about her son?
“She asks Cain to go the police and tell the truth about Adam starting the fire. She tells Cain [Jeff Hordley] that if he doesn’t say something, then she will. She’s got the opportunity to get her son back and she wants to take it.”

What about James (Bill Ward)? Does she worry about how he’ll feel if Adam goes to prison?
“She’s only thinking of her own son. He’s more important than anybody else and she tells James that.”

How do you see Chas and Aaron’s relationship developing?
“They are never going to enjoy a typical mother-son relationship. Chas is over-protective and not a great role model. Although she is settling down a bit in her old age, it won’t be plain sailing. It’ll be great to see her mothering side try to come out, though.”

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