Emmerdale Lucy Pargeter tells Soaplife Chas finds out all about Carl’s cheating… and she’s going to make him pay!

Chas finds a bra that’s not hers so she finally twigs Ccarl’s been cheating – how does she take the news?
“Chas is gutted. They’ve been getting on well and have been at it like rabbits ever since she got back from holiday. She doesn’t understand how he can be so into her yet be cheating on her.”

How does she find out the bra belongs to Eve?
“Charity realises the bra has come from Gennie’s lingerie party the week before and the two of them storm round there to find out who bought it. Gennie reveals she sold only one… to Eve. Chas is apoplectic, but she’s also really hurting.”

What does she plan to do now she knows?
“She instinctively wants to knock them both out, but Charity stops her. She tells her she’s better off getting even rather than getting mad…”

So what’s the plan
“Ultimately Chas wants Carl and Eve to be shamed and shunned by the village. But Charity says Chas should get some gratification and financial gain out of it. And most of all she should be able to hold her head high.”