Emmerdale’s Lyndon Ogbourne on Nathan’s revenge!

Emmerdale’s Lyndon Ogbourne warns Nathan will be out for revenge if Leyla rejects him…

Why did Nathan cover for Leyla when she stole cash from the Home Farm shop?

“Nathan never misses an opportunity to manipulate someone and have a hold on them. By covering for Leyla he has power over her.”

Why does he want power over her?

“Because he’s a control freak bordering on the psychopathic. But also because he’s genuinely falling for her. He’s half telling her the truth when he says he has no ulterior motive.”

What attracts him to her?

“She’s gorgeous but it’s not only to do with physical attraction. Nathan’s emotions really opened up when his father told him about the ‘affair’ with Faye. He went into meltdown and is vulnerable emotionally.”

Does he think Leyla fancies him too?

“Leyla seems to like him and is certainly very grateful to him for not firing her. Nathan thinks she feels something for him and he responds in the same way.”

But she’s dating David…

“That doesn’t bother him. Nathan doesn’t have a conscience about that but he also wants to get one over on David. Nathan’s still angry that David became councillor, which scuppered his plans with Pollard.”

Is giving Leyla extra money in her pay packet all part of his plan?

“Only partly. He knows she’s struggling financially and genuinely wants to help because he likes her.”

How does Leyla react to the extra cash?

“She’s surprised. Nathan says it’s a mistake and asks her to keep quiet about it so he won’t look incompetent. She agrees. He’s beginning to grow on her.”

What’s his next move?

“To split up her and David so he can be with her… Nathan’s under the illusion Leyla wants to be with him, too, and will leave David at the right time.”

And if he’s wrong?

“If she rejects him when for the first time he’s actually opened up he’s likely to do anything to get revenge. We’ll see just how dangerous and nasty Nathan can be.”

How is Nathan getting on with Ryan?

“He’s Nathan’s only friend. Mark and Faye’s ‘affair’ formed a bond between them.”

What will happen if he finds out Ryan’s his step-brother?

“Nathan still feels betrayed by his dad so it may be they’ll form an even closer bond. It could be Nathan and Ryan turn into Kray brothers figures as they attempt to wreak revenge on the world.”

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