Emmerdale’s Marc on his ‘whirlwind’ year (VIDEO)

Emmerdale‘s Marc Silcock says finding out he was to play paralysed Jackson was the definite highlight of his career so far.

Speaking at this year’s National Television Awards, where he was nominated for Best Newcomer, Marc said finding out he was to play such a big character was incredible.

“When the producer Gavin Blyth told me I was going to get the big storyline, it was unbelievable, I never expected to be trusted that much with a character like this, so being in his office and him telling me that was a highlight for me”.

Speaking about being nominated for the newcomer award, Marc said: “It’s fantastic getting recognised for the work I’m doing. It’s just been a whirlwind these past 12 months.

“A lot of people now, when they think of Emmerdale they recognise the partnership of Aaron and Jackson. I hope that continues for a long time”.

Watch Marc speaking at this year’s National Television Awards: