Emmerdale’s Mark Charnock and Charlotte Bellamy talk D.I.V.O.R.C.E. (VIDEO)

Understandably, Marlon Dingle has reached the end of his tether with wife Laurel in Emmerdale and wants a divorce. Actor Mark Charnock says Marlon feels ‘utterly defeated’ by the situation.

Mark told What’s on TV: “Obviously [Marlon] should have pushed her into counselling a long, long time before, but it escalates and escalates, then there’s a moment when they just seem to be getting back, getting back and and then she does something more appalling, she kills his dog, and it just gets worse and worse.”

Mark continued: “That’s why I love this story, you whip through the scripts and it’s like ‘I can’t believe Laurel does that!’ How is he going to deal with it? And I think that it’s got to the point where he’s just worn down, he’s defeated, he feels utterly defeated…

“He doesn’t realise yet that the only people who can get to her are professionals.”

Watch Mark Charnock and Charlotte Bellamy discuss Laurel’s descent into alcoholism and their relationship, above.

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