Emmerdale‘s Mark Charnock has revealed his terrifying close encounter with a live snake while filming the ITV1’s soap’s new spin-off DVD.

Mark and Dominic Brunt star in Marlon And Paddy’s Big Night In – available from November 14 – which sees the dopey duo wake up after a wild drunken night out to find a snake in the house, and they can’t remember where it came from. Mark had to film a scene with the snake crawling over his feet – but it went up his trousers.

Mark revealed: “The snake really went up my trousers! It wouldn’t do anything for a lot of the time, it just stayed still like a draught-excluder. And on the final shot it was meant to crawl across my feet, and I sat there and it went up my trousers.

“I wasn’t snake-aphobic, until that moment. It went up my leg, all the way to the top, and I could feel it’s tongue flicking against my shin. I’m not a brave person anyway, and then because it was a boa constrictor I could feel it starting to squeeze and I was thinking ‘Just shout cut now’!

“I could see all the crew shaking with laughter. And somewhere in the out-takes there’s me swearing quite profusely.”