Emmerdale’s Marlon fights for life

Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle gets shot by his own brother Eli… and actor Mark Charnock’s not telling if he lives or dies!

After he robbed from the Kings in order to raise money for his eco-house build, Marlon swore he’d never resort to crime again. Now, just a few months on, he’s planning another robbery. Why?

“It’s not the same this time. He’s not actually going to steal… he’s going to claim back what’s rightfully his.”

Does this have anything to do with the bet Marlon put on a dog to raise the £18,000 he needed for a deposit on a house that’s going up for auction?

“Marlon had three grand – his and Donna’s life savings – and he decided to place a bet at the dogs. And he wins!”

Only, the bookie refused to pay out and ate the betting slip leaving Marlon with no proof of his win. How does Marlon feel?

“Marlon’s devastated. He’s determined to get his money somehow.”

And Marlon knows just the man who can help – Eli!

“Marlon asks his brother to help him get back what’s rightfully his. It’s against all Marlon’s principles but he feels completely justified. He knows, though, that if he’s to succeed he needs someone like Eli who’s an expert in these matters. He knows what to do. Marlon doesn’t.”

Does Eli jump at the chance to help Marlon?

“Eli doesn’t agree to help immediately. There’s nothing in it for him. But in the end he says he will help – 90 per cent because he wants to help his brother, 10 per cent because he just likes to rob!”

But unknown to Marlon, Eli also likes to rob dangerously…

“Eli produces a gun and tells Marlon he’s going to hold up the bookie. Eli convinces him that it’s not loaded and is just a scare tactic and though Marlon’s not happy eventually he agrees to it.”

But it all goes tragically wrong and Marlon ends up shot and left fighting for his life! What happens?

“Eli is ages in the bookies so Marlon goes in to see what’s happening and finds Eli’s beating up two guys up. This isn’t the way Marlon wanted it at all. He’s horrified and tries to stop the fight – and that’s when the gun goes off…”

Emmerdale has been getting pretty ruthless recently with the death of Tom then poor Len… Could Marlon really be the next victim?

“He’s rushed to hospital but needs urgent surgery. Then he goes into cardiac request on his way to the operating theatre…”

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