Emmerdale’s Matthew: David’s caught in a honeytrap

Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden reveals David doesn’t stand a chance when a sexy stranger tries to seduce him!

Who is this Tania woman?

“She poses as a business contact who wants to talk about cleaning contracts. She insists they talk in private so he goes to her place and she opens the door wearing a very flimsy silk robe.”

Isn’t that a clue to David that there’s funny business going on?

“He says he’ll come back later when she’s dressed,but she insists he come in. He doesn’t want to offend her because he wants the contract. He’s desperate for money to buy a cottage for him and Leyla.”

When does David realise Tania’s not really interested in business at all?

“When she lets her robe slip, more or less inviting ‘How about it?’ He’s scared stiff. She’s busty, over-confident, overpowering and completely in-yer-face… In a state of shock David pulls the robe back up, tells her he loves his girlfriend and leaves fast… And he thinks that’s that…”

But it’s a trap… When does he twig?

“He gets a DVD from Tania. She filmed the whole thing and he’s horrified to see she’s edited it so it looks like they had sex. When David goes round to confront her, Nathan suddenly appears… It turns out he set the whole thing up.”

Why would he do that?

“So he can blackmail David into getting Declan’s Home Farm planning application passed.”

And David agrees to his terms?

“Normally he’d tell Nathan to do one, but Nathan also offers to give him enough money to put a deposit down on Farrer’s Cottage. This is David’s dream and he simply can’t refuse. David’s still his father’s son and I’m pleased he hasn’t lost his wheeler-dealer side just because he’s loved-up.”

Does he tell Leyla of Nathan’s offer?

“He doesn’t plan to. Once the deal’s done, the DVD will be destroyed and that’ll be it.”

But will it?

“What do you think? This is the start of a big new storyline for David and Leyla

so expect dramatic repercussions…”

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