Emmerdale’s Matthew: ‘David’s down, but not out!’

Emmerdale‘s Matthew Wolfenden reveals to Soaplife that broken-hearted David looks set to bounce back – with Alicia!

Leyla treated David like rubbish while he trailed around after her like a puppy dog. But now she’s gone from his life for ever he’s missing her terribly. “He’s in a bad way,” he tells Matthew. “But he’d forgiven her for so many things. He’s such a fool really…” And about to make a fool of himself all over again with her sister Alicia?

How’s David coping without Leyla?

“Not great. He has this wedding stuff he has to cancel and he has to explain it’s because his fiancee’s left him. But he gets through it thanks to his dad, Nikhil and Alicia.”

Does he appreciate their help?

“Not at first. He’s really awful to Alicia because he kind of blames her for all that’s happened between him and Leyla – her bringing Jacob into their lives, stirring everything up from the past and all the bad memories. It’ll take a different turn eventually, but that’s the way it is now.”

Will David fall for Alicia?

“That’s what people want in general. I didn’t think that was ever on the cards, but it’s the way it’s looking, even though she’s with Andy at the moment. We’ll have to see how that one goes.”

How does David react when he finds out Leyla’s left him with massive debts?

“He’s in shock. He bought the shop for Leyla and he left her to run it, but she’s been moving from supplier to supplier and paying no one. It’s a mess and he has to sell the cleaning business to save the shop.”

Is changing the name of the shop David’s way of moving on?

“He’s hungover at the time. He staggers out and paints over the Leyla sign. He calls it ‘David’s’, which is a rubbish name for a shop, but funny with it.”

Can he run the shop without Leyla?

“He definitely wants to despite all the goofing around. He’s a bit of a plonker, like Rodney in Only Fools And Horses. Pollard and David equal Del Boy and Rodney. For all that he does have his head screwed on. Alicia starts working at the shop and he’s also got Hannah – she’s a good kid.”

Will Leyla breaking his heart change David for ever?

“He’ll get over it – people always do in soap world. He’ll move on and have to make a go of it with someone else. Alicia’s the definite candidate for him.”