Emmerdale’s Michael Parr and Charley Webb: ‘Ross will walk over Pete to get what he wants!’ (VIDEO)

There’s a sexy love triangle brewing in Emmerdale, as bad boy Ross Barton sets his sights on brother Pete’s girlfriend, Debbie!

“Ross finds Debbie very attractive and wants to be with her,” says Michael Parr, who plays Ross. “He likes the fact she’s a bit risky. Debbie was the first girl Ross clapped eyes on when he arrived in the village and I don’t think that’s ever really gone away for him. Ross doesn’t care about walking all over his brother, Pete, to get what he wants! He’s got no real alliance with him.”

Things heat up between Ross and Debbie in the Emmerdale double-bill on Thursday, April 23, when he tricks her into getting involved in a dangerous hotel heist. But when the pair find themselves trapped in a hotel room together, hiding from the bad guys, will Debbie give in to Ross’s charms?

“It’s difficult for Debbie. Pete is really safe. He can offer her a lot more, a safe future for her kids,” explains Charley Webb, who plays Debbie. “They’re very happy and they’ve got this domestic life going on with the children. But Ross is more exciting, and a bit more like Debbie’s dad, Cain. So it’s which way will she go?”

Watch our chat with Emmerdale stars Charley and Michael, as they discuss who’s the better looking Barton brother, jealous fans, running in heels, filming HOT scenes… and more!

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