Emmerdale’s Michael Parr: ‘Ross and Pete are infatuated with the same girl’ (VIDEO)

Debbie has been trying to fight her growing feelings for village bad boy, Ross, by getting engaged to his brother, Pete. But it’s only a matter of time before Pete begins to notice the chemistry between the pair…

So when Ross enters the brutal world of bare-knuckle fighting as a way to repay a debt to local gangster, Charlie, Debbie fears the worst and tries to stop him.

Charley Webb (Debbie), Michael Parr (Ross) and Anthony Quinlan (Pete) talked to What’s on TV in Emmerdale village about the developing love triangle.

“Debbie tries to cover her feelings,” says Charley. “But you see an emotional side to her and realise there might be more to her feelings for Ross than just friendship.”

In exciting episodes of Emmerdale showing next week, will it all kick off between the Barton brothers when Pete begins to realise his fiancee has eyes for Ross? And will Ross survive his bare-knuckle punch-up?

“There’s no love lost between Ross and Pete,” says Michael Parr who plays Ross. “They are both infatuated with the same girl. So if Ross gets one over on his brother that’s another victory for him.”

Catch the action in Emmerdale from Monday, May 25 on ITV. No goats were harmed in the filming of this story.

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