Emmerdale’s Michael Parr: ‘There’ll be a lot of blame, a lot of tears, a lot of fights’ (VIDEO)

Emmerdale star Michael Parr says his character Ross Barton will be involved in ‘a lot of blame, a lot of fights, a lot of tears’ before he takes a short break from the soap.

Michael joined Emmerale last year and has been involved in an intense storyline with dodgy copper Donna Windsor, which started as a series of robberies together, but turned into a love affair before she met her end last week, jumping off the roof of a building.

Michael told What’s on TV he loves playing the Barton bad boy: “Not that I think any characters are written better or worse for, but there’s some times when I’m reading a script and it’s like ‘Yesss! I get to be rude to this person, or I get to flirt with this girl, or I’m going to work with them’… It’s been a lot of fun playing Ross.”

Discussing Donna’s death, he said: “It’s been a very short term relationship and he’s got very little experience with women that actually love him so he’s just so down and out at the moment. The two people that he loves, he nearly had one of them killed, being his little brother, you know when he got kidnapped, and now he’s watched the love of his life fall off a building. He’s very confused and in a dark place at the moment.”

It’s unlikely Ross will ever find much peace, says Michael. “There’s always fall out with him. You know, he can go and buy a pint of milk and fall out with two people on the way, never mind when he’s this emtional. So there’s going to be a lot of finger pointing, a lot of blame, a lot of fights, a lot of tears, it’s going to be good stuff.”

But he added that there will be a little happiness for Ross before he then takes a short break from Emmerdale.

Watch the interview with Emmerdale’s Michael Parr, above.