Emmerdale’s Michelle Hardwick: ‘Vanessa’s much nicer than me – I’d call the police!’

The truth is out about Kirin being baby Johnny’s real daddy – but he and Vanessa are not playing happy families, as Emmerdale’s Michelle Hardwick reveals to Soaplife.

How does Vanessa feel now?
“All she wanted was for Kirin [Adam Fielding] to be the baby’s father when she thought it was Adam. In her head, she thinks she now has what she wanted.”

And Kirin?
“He’s struggling, but Vanessa understands. It took her a long time to bond with Johnny and she felt Adam was doing so much better than she was. Kirin’s been thrown in at the deep end and he’s very young, so Vanessa will do as much as she can to support him.”

Does Vanessa want Rakesh go to prison?
“Johnny already has one granddad in prison [her father] and he doesn’t need another one. They’ve been through so much as a family and Vanessa wants a new start for 2016. But she can’t forgive Rakesh [Pasha Bocarie] and Priya [Fiona Wade] for what they did. Priya’s a mum herself. How could she go along with what Rakesh did?”

Will Vanessa want revenge?
“She believes that stopping him from seeing his grandson is revenge enough. She certainly doesn’t want to involve the police, but Kirin does. Vanessa’s much nicer than me. I’d get Rakesh struck off and have the police on him like a ton of bricks.”

Are you glad the secret is out now?
“Yes, because I couldn’t go anywhere without people asking about it. When I was in New York on my honeymoon, my wife, Rosie, and I were in a theatre, watching Carole King The Musical, when a woman shouted, ‘Vanessa, Vanessa! When are we going to find out?’ and I was like ‘Seriously?’”

Do you enjoy working with a baby?
“It’s scary holding somebody else’s baby and sometimes he gets a bit grizzly and tired. But that’s fine because I work with Adam [Thomas, who plays Adam Barton] and he’s a bit like that!”

Does Vanessa still love Kirin?
“I don’t think she ever stopped loving him, but she’s put that love on a shelf somewhere after everything they’ve gone through. They are good for each other, though.”

What’s in store for Vanessa?
“It would be nice if she could have a happy little family, keep her hand in at the vets and be a good friend to everyone. But, of course, that’s not going to happen because this is Emmerdale!”

Emmerdale, ITV.


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