Emmerdale’s Natalie: ‘Alicia is hurt… but professional’

Emmerdale‘s Natalie Anderson reveals to Soaplife how Alicia feels when life deals her another cruel blow: she has to plan Priya and David’s wedding at Home Farm! So she’s not just losing the man she loves, she’s helping him marry another woman!

Hi Natalie, does Alicia really accept that she’s lost David to Priya?
“I think so. She doesn’t know David didn’t meant to propose so as far as Alicia is concerned he made a commitment to Priya because he loves her and they’re getting married. Now Alicia feels she needs to sort her head out and move on.”

That’s not going to be easy when she has to plan their wedding! How did that happen?
“It’s part of Alicia’s job at Home Farm. She just gets told that David and Priya are coming to see her about their wedding plans. And, yes, she is hurt. Why would David even think about marrying at Home Farm? Of all the places they could marry they chose the place where Alicia works!”

So, how does the meeting go?
“Very well. She really impresses Georgia and Rishi [Pryia’s mum and dad]. Even Priya is a little bit won round after Georgia brings up the situation of the divorce David needs from Alicia… Alicia is very dignified, saying she’ll get on to it straight away.”

Is David pleased?
“Well…this is the first indication Alicia gets that David is not exactly thrilled about his upcoming wedding. He’s not stalling, but he’s not enthusiastic about starting the divorce. He gets Alicia alone and asks her if she’s OK with it. Alicia thinks that’s weird.”

But she decides to make things happen faster for David and Priya, doesn’t she?
“She says she’ll get an annulment, which means David will be able to marry Priya within six months. A divorce would mean he won’t be able to marry again for a year. Alicia thinks it’s best to get it all done and dusted, then everyone can move on.”

We’ve heard that Alicia will get a new man soon. Who is he?
“Well, he’s single and already in the village and hopefully he’ll really care about her.”

But he’s not David…
“I definitely think Alicia and David are made for each other. Alicia can read David very well and this is why she starts to sense that actually he’s not 100 per cent about marrying Priya. He’s the same with her. He knows what she’s feeling and I think it’s this deep understanding between them that would make them a great couple.”


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