Emmerdale’s Natalie: ‘Alicia is off to get her man!’

Natalie Anderson reveals to Soaplife how Alicia is torn between two men: solid, reliable Dom and David, the man she loves in Emmerdale.

When David told Alicia his wedding was off, admitted he had feelings for her and they kissed, it should have been happy-ever-after for them… But it’s not working out quite like that. “Alicia wanted David to dump Priya – not the other way round,” Natalie tells Soaplife. And when David blows his chance to put things right and gets re-engaged to Priya, Alicia takes a chance on Dom…

So Alicia’s given up on David?
“She was devastated when David said he’d been dumped by Priya. David didn’t say: ‘Priya, I don’t want to be with you because I want to be with Alicia.’ He didn’t make the move to finish things with Priya, so Alicia’s furious and very, very hurt.”

Is that why she’s so angry when a bouquet of flowers arrive from ‘D’? Does she think David’s sent them?
“What she wants from David is for him to come storming round, hugely apologetic about the way he handled everything and tell her that he loves her. She imagines a massive row, followed by a massive, romantic kiss and everything being all right. Flowers are a bit of a letdown.”

Then she finds out they’re not from David anyway…
“And that’s even worse! When she realises that they’re actually from Dom, she thinks, ‘You know what? I’m going to give this guy a chance.’ That’s the decider. David is messing her about whereas Dom is a grown-up man who is wooing her properly. She tells him he’s been great and she appreciates that. She’s being honest with him.”

Does she have a future with Dom?
“I don’t think there’s much chance of that. I don’t think there’s any love there, but there’s definitely respect. Trouble is, she can’t get David out of her head.”

Katie suggests she makes a list of the pros and cons of both men…
“Dom has only one con… He’s not David! David is Alicia’s best friend and she loves him to bits. Alicia realises that you must just go with your heart and tells Katie, ‘I’m off to get my man!’ What she doesn’t realise, however, is that David is proposing to Priya again in the pub!”

No! So she’s back to square one…
“Not quite. Now that Alicia knows how David feels about her, she does ultimately see the two of them together. Definitely…”


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