Emmerdale’s Natalie: ‘Alicia punches Val!’

Emmerdale‘s Natalie Anderson reveals to Soaplife the shocking secret of Alicia’s criminal past – and how her love for David leaves her facing prison!

Ironically, it’s Alicia’s love for David that brings her grief, isn’t it?

“Alicia’s furious with Val because she turns up just as Alicia is about to tell David how she feels. That’s frustrating enough, but when Val calls David spineless, useless and pathetic, Alicia loses it – and punches Val!”

And Val calls the police…

“Yes! OK, Alicia shouldn’t have lashed out, but it’s not like Val is seriously injured or anything.”

The police don’t see it that way, though, when it turns out Alicia’s got a criminal record…

“No one knows this, but she has a previous conviction for assaulting one of her mum’s carers. Her solicitor warns her she could get a prison sentence this time. Alicia’s absolutely terrified. The one thing that’s always been her main focus is Jake and the idea of someone else caring for him is just awful.”

What will happen to Jake if Alicia goes to prison?

“Alicia wants Jake to stop with David if she gets sent down. She wants him to stay in the village with his friends and people he knows.”

Or could her sister, Leyla – Jake’s real mum – get custody?

“Alicia would hate that! In Emmerdale there’s no danger of anyone telling him that his mum isn’t really his mum. And this is what Alicia is so afraid of.”

We know you’re off to have a baby, so could prison be the way Alicia goes?

“It might be. All I can say is I’m absolutely thrilled with the storyline – and I’ll be watching Emmerdale when I’m off!”