Emmerdale’s Natalie: ‘Alicia tricks David!’

Emmerdale‘s Natalie Anderson reveals to Soaplife why Alicia nearly doesn’t go ahead with her fake marriage to David – and why they wake up the morning after in the same bed!

Why won’t Alicia tell David she loves him?

“If she were to tell David she loves him and if she doesn’t end up in prison, her pride would force her to move out. Jacob would have to move school, she’d have to leave her job and her friends. She would quite possibly lose David as a friend and at this moment in time, and as much as she loves him, he still lives with her and depends on her. So maybe this is the best of both worlds. It’s not that she’s worried he won’t marry her, it’s that she could ruin everything.”

But on the day of the wedding her ex, Justin, says Jacob can stay with David, so Alicia and David don’t need to marry. Does she tell David?

“No. Alicia’s terrified and shocked, she hadn’t expected that at all. It really throws a spanner in the works. She wants to be honest with David but everyone’s turning up to the ceremony. Alicia’s thinking if she doesn’t show up, she’ll make David look like a fool, like a complete idiot. Then everyone will know and it will get even more messy. She convinces herself that it’s best to go on with the original plan.”

So how does she feel when they’re pronounced husband and wife?

“On the one hand she can’t help but smile. She feels that in that one moment that it’s real. But then almost straight away it sinks in that it’s not real and she’s gutted. It’s kind of hurtful and she’s quite heartbroken about it all.”

We’ve heard that they don’t have a real wedding night…

“The viewers will see them wake up in their pyjamas, but Alicia will still have her tiara on and her hair will still be done. They needed to be in the same bed because Jake needs to believe it all, but they definitely haven’t consummated the marriage.”

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