Emmerdale’s Natalie: ‘Alicia’s dumped by Andy!’

Emmerdale‘s Natalie Anderson talks to Soaplife about how Alicia finds herself alone – again. But maybe not for long!

It’s all going wrong for Alicia – again. She thought she had found a man in Andy who was going to help her launch a new, exciting life in Spain. But deep down Andy’s rooted in Emmerdale and with his daughter Sarah so ill he tells Alicia he’s not going anywhere any more. He’s staying put so he can put all his time and energy into supporting his little girl. “And Alicia’s gutted when Andy tells her that,” Natalie tells Soaplife. But she’s got a secret admirer…

Doesn’t Alicia understand how Andy feels?

“The thing is, I don’t think she really knows just how ill Sarah is. Andy hasn’t let her know so she’s rather confused.”

Is that why she questions Andy’s commitment to her?

“He’s just being so non-committal about them and their relationship. This prompts her to ask him whether there’s actually anything in their relationship he cares about.”

And he tells her he has to focus on Sarah and dumps her!

“Yes! Again, she’s absolutely gutted but in true Alicia style, this takes the form of anger and fury. Deep down, though, she’s very upset. She really liked Andy and thought they had a future.”

Soaplife knows Carl moves straight in on her. Is she interested?

“She’s fed up so finds his flirting quite flattering. She doesn’t take it too seriously, though. He’s a bit of a bad boy but she’s not stupid and wouldn’t fall for his charms completely.”

How does Andy react?

“Again he’s very non-committal about it which really upsets Alicia. It’s like he doesn’t care and has never cared and this prompts her to continue this flirtation with Carl.”

Does it go further than flirting?

“Diane sees Carl and Alicia leave the pub and everyone assumes they’ve spent the night together though they haven’t. Victoria has a row with Alicia over it Alicia’s gutted that Victoria thinks she’d do that to Andy. She’s angry, too, though and says she doesn’t have to explain her actions to anyone.”

She does try to apologise to Andy, though…

“He just says whatever Alicia does is nothing to do with him any more. She finds that incredibly hurtful.”

Are you sad they’ve split?

“Really sad. I liked them as a couple and hoped they had a long way to go. Maybe they still do. The Sarah storyline hopefully means we’ll get to see a different side to Alicia. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they get back together.”

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