Emmerdale’s Natalie and Matthew: ‘We do!’

Emmerdale stars Natalie Anderson and Matthew Wolfenden talk to TV Times magazine about their unconventional screen wedding…

How are the pair of them feeling in the run-up to the wedding ceremony?

Natalie: “Alicia would love it to be the fairytale she has in her head. She’s hoping that he will wake up one morning and be like ‘Let’s do this for real!’ But deep down she knows that is not going to happen and she’s heartbroken because he keeps saying ‘Remember, this is for Jake.’”

Matthew: “For David this is all just a plan so he can get custody of the little‘un. He’s totally unaware of how Alicia feels. He gets thicker and thicker by the week. How could he not notice this gorgeous girl he’s living with who has got feelings for him? But he just sees her as a best mate and can’t see past that.”

Why have they gone all out with the wedding if it’s not real?

Natalie: “At one point, Alicia tells David that the wedding is getting bigger than she wanted it to be, but he points out that when two people love each other, they go all out to show the world. So, they have stag and hen parties and a reception. She’s got a dress that Gennie has chosen.”

David: “They have got to make it look real. David only has a stag do because Nikhil offers to organise it. He is not that bothered, he just wants to get the wedding done and get the papers signed.”

Off screen, does the idea of a big bash appeal to you?

Natalie: “A big one with family and friends. I loved my wedding to James in June 2008. We got married in a 19th century chapel near Harrogate and I remember thinking how lucky we were to be there with all our friends and family around us.”

Matthew: “Charley [co-star Charley Webb, alias Debbie Dingle, with whom Matthew has a two-year-old son, Buster] and I have been engaged for two years now and we do intend to get married. Now that Dancing on Ice has finished [Mathew won the 2012 series], we can sit down and plan something. We want to do something a bit different maybe abroad somewhere with close friends and family.”

Would you ever marry for any reason other than love?

Natalie: “No! I feel so sorry for Alicia marrying David and having to keep her love for him a secret. Filming the wedding scenes made me cry. On the one hand, she can’t help but smile and then the truth of the situation sinks in and she’s really gutted.”

Matthew: “I am totally different to David and take the marriage vows really seriously. He is so flippant about it and thinks they can get a quickie divorce, but I couldn’t do that. It’s daft.”

Why doesn’t Alicia call the whole thing off when Talia says she can have custody of Jacob?

Alicia: “She’s frightened to tell him because it would really rock the boat and he might tell her to move out. Jacob would have to come out of school and she might lose David as a friend. She wants to be honest with David, she really does, but she is thinking that if she doesn’t go ahead with the wedding, he will look like a fool and it will get even messier.”

Matthew: “She should sit him down and say ‘We don’t need to do this’, but she doesn’t. He does notice she is acting a bit strange and he thinks it is her bottling out. If she told him the truth he would cancel the wedding there and then.”

What do fans think of David and Alicia?

Natalie: “I think everyone would like to see them together. I know I would. I’m worried that he’s going to get a new girlfriend while I’m away!”

Matthew: “On Twitter, people are always asking ‘What’s going to happen?’ I genuinely don’t know. From the build-up, I would love for her to come back and for him to say let’s get divorced and as he is signing the papers, realising that he is in love with her, that would be a great end to this story.”

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