Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson: ‘I like showing a couple dealing with problems, not throwing in the towel’

Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson has admitted Alicia and David Metcalfe are not finding married life easy, but they’re not going to give up on each other.

Alicia, played by Natalie, and David, played by Matthew Wolfenden, finally got together after the Woolpack siege made them admit to their feelings for each other.

But with David’s ex-fiancee Priya Sharma pregnant with his child and battling an eating disorder and his other ex, Alicia’s sister Leyla Harding, back in the village causing trouble, it’s anything but wedded bliss.

Natalie said: “The nice thing about this, and what I’ve enjoyed and what Matthew has enjoyed, is showing a couple actually dealing with problems and getting through things, rather than throwing the towel in. And I hope that does continue.”

Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) is biological mother to Alicia’s son Jacob, but Natalie revealed she thinks the sisters are fitting into their roles around him at last.

She said: “I think Alicia feels much more secure in her position because I think Leyla feels secure in her position as well. They know where each one stands.

“Alicia has dropped her guard a little bit and is OK with Jacob spending time with Leyla, Leyla likes being the fun auntie Leyla. She likes the balance of that, because she’s not grown up enough for that level of responsibility which Alicia is and desperate for. They’re both quite settled in what part they are playing with regards to Jacob.”

But Alicia is really struggling to accept David’s ties to Priya, who needs his support.

Natalie said: “That she’s not coping so much with. I think Alicia is really struggling

“She’s been quite saintly of late, and who wouldn’t crack under this pressure of having your husband constantly at the beck and call of his ex. She does care about Priya, she doesn’t want her to be ill. But it’s incredibly difficult when she’s questioning her motives. Is she still trying to get David back? She’s a bit sceptical. And she knows David is so nice and will try to do everything right and that could get him in a lot of trouble. It’s very testing.”


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