Emmerdale’s Natalie: ‘I love playing wild Alicia’

Emmerdale actress Natalie Anderson enjoys the contrast playing troublemaker Alicia Gallagher, because she’s so well-behaved in real life.

Alicia loves a good mini-skirt but, unlike her alter-ego, Natalie Anderson never reveals too much cleavage and doesn’t like to swear.

“My mum laughs her head off when she sees me in character on the show because I’ve never been a terrible teenager and never got in trouble,” she said.

“That’s why I love being this wild character now. You can say things you’d never dream of saying and wear clothes you would never wear,” she told the Daily Mirror.

Demure Natalie revels in Alicia’s tarty costumes despite being very ladylike: “I’ve got an Alicia kit – chicken fillets, miniskirts, belts, jewels, tan and hairpieces,” she admitted.

“Everything’s too short and too high and up here and out front.

“But with the real me it’s more pencil skirts and never ever too much cleavage.”

Natalie, who was born and bred in Yorkshire, says she’s ‘quite old-fashioned’ and is clearly very close to her family. “I’m not a fan of swearing. I get really upset if people swear in front of my grandparents,” she said

Alicia is about to start shoplifting in Emmerdale, but Natalie wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. When asked what her mother would think if she did, she said: “She’d be mortified – there’d be lightning flying down and everything. I would never steal because my mother has always drummed it into me.”

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