Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb tells Soaplife that Moira fears the worst when a violent blackmailer threatens Adam…

Aaron’s promised he’ll look after Moira while Adam’s in prison. But who’ll look out for Adam? He needs someone to after the unfriendly Maxine visits Moira and tells her it’s going to cost her to keep Adam out of harm’s way while he’s banged up. “Moira’s really worried about Adam and hopes this woman will go away after a one-off payment. But she won’t,” Natalie tells Soaplife…

Moira doesn’t think Maxine’s trouble at first, does she?
“No. She’s intrigued when Maxine comes to the farm. She thinks she’s a friend of someone in the prison at first, then it dawns on her she’s after something and alarm bells start ringing.”

Maxine’s no friend…
“She’s there to blackmail Moira. She suggests Adam [Adam Thomas] is in a lot of danger because he’s likely to get beaten up. If Moira pays, Maxine can stop this happening. If Moira doesn’t pay, each beating will get worse.”

And Moira pays her!
“Moira tells Maxine that was it, it was a one-off payment. Then Maxine threatens Moira again and Adam gets beaten up really badly. So badly he ends up in hospital.”

Why doesn’t Moira tell Cain (Jeff Hordley)?
“She thinks she can deal with it and she doesn’t want him to get into any trouble, either. The last thing she wants is to lose both of them. She also thinks it might make things worse for Adam if Cain gets involved.”

How does Aaron (Danny Miller) find out about it?
“He realises something’s going on and Moira confides in him. She makes him swear he’ll not tell Cain, but he thinks she should.”

Will Maxine go away?
“No, she’s a cold, chilled lady who knows what she’s doing. Moira hopes she’s dealt with the problem, but she hasn’t…”

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