Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb: ‘Moira and Cain’s love is real’

Emmerdale star Natalie J Robb tells TV Times magazine the inside story of Moira’s shock proposal and reveals the way to Cain’s dark heart…

Do you think Moira is just asking for trouble by asking Cain to marry her?
“No, it’s real love. They have a great chemistry and they have come together and made the relationship work regardless of what has happened in their past. Their marriage will be far from dull – those two aren’t even dull when they are happy. Everyone keeps saying that Moira is taming Cain, but that isn’t true. He has grown up. He has matured and that is what attracted her.”

How does her proposal to him come about?
“Cain has encouraged Moira to do this big supermarket deal despite the fact that James has declared his love for her. He has booked a suite at the hotel for an extra night and they are sitting on the bed. Moira looks at him and is so impressed by the way he has stood by her. She thinks ‘You are so sexy’ and then casually says, ‘Let’s get married’.”

Will they make it as far as actually getting married, do you think?
“I can’t wait for the potential wedding day. It will be the first time in my career that I have been married on screen. I can’t imagine it will be traditional. Moira had a traditional white wedding with John and I think she will want something simpler now.”

You’re not married, but have you given much thought to what the day would be like for you in real life?
“I can’t see myself coming down the aisle of a church, mainly because I have a thing about the sea. I would love to be in my bare feet in the sand. Some friends of mine got married in Portugal and it was fantastic. I certainly wouldn’t spend thousands. I couldn’t cope with that. Marriage isn’t about the money or the glitz, relationships are about being there for each other.”

Are you in a relationship now?
“Yes. The relationship is relatively new, so I don’t want to talk about it just yet. I want to keep it special. I haven’t had the most amazing track record. I have been single for a long time and I am one of those people, who, if it is not working early on, I don’t waste time.”

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year then?
“We will cook a nice meal and stay in, rather than go out there where the restaurants are full of with couples. I think the key is to make an effort all year round – not just on one day.”

You’ve been in Emmerdale for four years. Are you still happy on the show?
“I have been very fortunate with the stories I have been given and long may it continue. I do enjoy playing Moira and get a great response on Twitter. I think women can relate to her. Perhaps it is because she is less glamorous than some of the other females in the show. It’s great because I only wear foundation and mascara before I slip on my blue overalls. It takes hardly any time to get ready.

Do you enjoy working with Jeff [Hordley, Cain]?
“Working with Jeff is brilliant. We get on really well and have worked hard to make the relationship between Cain and Moira feel natural and believable. We can do it with our eyes shut now, as we know each other so well. We do have a laugh, although we argue about football sometimes – he is Manchester City and I am Manchester United. At the moment, he is coming on set with a smug look on his face.”


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