Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb talks to Soaplife and Moira kissing Pete – and how Cain reacts to it…

Why are things rocky for Cain and Moira?

“They’re not really getting on badly. Moira certainly doesn’t think that her marriage is falling apart, but Cain [Jeff Hordley] has been neglecting her since Debbie [Charley Webb] left. He’s upset about it and taking it out on Moira. He’s grumpy all the time and they’re not communicating.”

How does she feel about Debbie leaving?

“She’s not happy about it because of the way it’s affecting Cain, but what’s really playing on her mind is the idea of Charity [Emma Atkins] coming back. She knows that Charity told Cain she loved him before she went to prison and knows she can’t really trust him where Charity is concerned.”

What does she think when Cain reveals Pete had a go at him?

“Pete [Anthony Quinlan] tells Cain that he should start acting like a proper husband to Moira and she admits that she had to confide in Pete about the way she has been feeling because he was the only person she could talk to.”

But they kiss, too…

“That comes as a surprise. She knows that Pete fancies her a bit, but wasn’t expecting this. She responds for a minute, but then she realises how bad this could be, withdraws and blames it all on Pete.”

So she won’t do it again?

“Who knows? Pete’s still left with feelings for Moira and she might grow develop more affection for him.”

So why does she tell Cain about the kiss?

“Pete tells Finn [Joe Gill] that he made a pass at his Aunty Moira and that is why Moira feels forced to tell Cain. She knows that it will sound bad if it comes from somebody else.”

How does Cain react?

“He’s not happy about it and goes to see Pete. He warns him off in true Cain style.”

What does Moira do?

“She tells Pete he can’t work at the farm any more as it’s too much of a risk. It might be because she doesn’t trust herself around him.”

Could this split Cain and Moira up?

“I hope not. Cain has kissed a few people. I think it’s nice that the marriage still works despite that. You don’t have to split up just because there are problems in a relationship.”

Emmerdale, ITV.