Emmerdale’s Natalie: ‘Moira can’t resist Cain!’

Natalie Robb reveals to Soaplife that while Moira hasn’t exactly tamed Cain in Emmerdale she is getting him to share his feelings – and she’s shocked by exactly how much he feels for her!

Loving Cain is not easy… but Moira can’t resist him when he drops his guard and tells her how much she means to him. “They have a very passionate relationship and Moira thinks Cain’s capable of being the man she wants. But it’s unlocking his demons and then getting rid of them that’s the important part,” Natalie tells Soaplife. Given the number of demons that Cain has, she’s going to need a good exorcist to do that!

Is Moira falling in love with Cain?
“It’s definitely heading that way. There’s always been an amazing chemistry between them but now it’s started to get more serious. She’s opening her heart to him.”

So why did she dump him?
“She’d just got to the point where she’d had enough of him being… well, Cain. She cares about him and feels they have a future together but not if he keeps resorting to violence. She wants nothing to do with that.”

Is that what she tells him?
“She says she doesn’t want a stupid fling, that she wants more and they’re over. She explains she doesn’t need the hassle that comes with him. She says: ‘I want someone to love me properly, a man who’ll take care of me…’.”

And Cain says…?
“He replies: ‘You already have that!’. Moira’s shell-shocked.'”

And does she fall into his arms?
“Well, it’s what she wants to hear, obviously. But she wants to think about it and digest it. If Cain does love her, she knows what they have could well develop into something serious.”

But it actually develops into a problem, doesn’t it?
“Yes. Because Moira doesn’t respond to Cain’s admission of love straightaway, he kind of runs away. He decides to go to Scotland as he’s got a job up there.”

Does Moira ask him not to go?
“She doesn’t get the chance. The first she knows of it is when she sees him with his packed suitcases. Cain tells her to forget what he said, that it was all a mistake. Moira’s at the end of her tether and storms off. Then Cain runs after her and that’s it, they’re together!”

Does Moira really believe that Cain’s ‘the one’?
“She knows the potential’s there. She’s always been able to see that deep down Cain has feelings. But she also knows there are going to be all these other things which will creep in. He’ll always be edgy. It’s exciting and unpredictable!”


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