Emmerdale’s Natalie on Moira’s toy boy!

Emmerdale‘s Natalie Robb reveals to Soaplife how Moira flings herself into a fling with Alex – and how love has nothing to do with it. For Moira it’s all about fun and sex!

There’s always been something about Moira that’s not quite ‘farmer’s wife’ and she proved it when she had a passionate, if ill-fated, fling with Cain. Now after months of grieving for farmer John, she’s ready to start enjoying life again – starting with hunky toyboy Alex. “She’s not thinking like a cougar, not thinking, ‘This is what I’m going to get…I’m going all out for him,'” says Natalie. “It just kind of happens naturally.” And naturally she’s not complaining!

Has Moira always secretly lusted after Alex?

“He’s always been flirty with her, but she’s never really seen him in that way, especially when John was still alive. I mean, after all, he’s the same age as her son!”

So how can she have a thing for her son’s mate?

“Because when people are in a state of real loneliness – when they’re alone and their life is just all about waking up, working, going to bed and so on and on and on – there comes a point when they need something a bit more. Alex just happens to be there at the right time – or the wrong time – depending on which way you want to look at it.”

Who’s doing the running?

“At first it’s Alex who’s definitely being more forward. Moira’s a bit embarrassed, as you would be, but she likes the attention. He’s making her feel good about herself and it’s something she needs.”

Does one thing lead to another?

“Well, yeah! The earth moves!”

How does Moira feel afterwards?

“Actually, she’s surprised. He’s got something about him. She never saw him in this way and for her it’s not an emotional thing.”

Could she have a proper relationship with Alex?

“In no way at all is Alex a replacement for John. In a way, the fact he’s so much younger and it can’t possibly go anywhere is the reason she’s able to do it. It’s fun and the sex is good.”

Has she thought of what will happen when Adam comes home?

“Not until he gets back. He was on holiday when Moira and Alex got together – another reason why it happened, probably. It meant it was easy for it to happen. Once Adam is back, Alex’s attitude changes a bit. He begins to see the consequences of it while Moira still thinks it’s just a bit of fun. She doesn’t think anyone will ever find out…”