Emmerdale’s new lovers go public!

It’s affair officially on when Louise kisses Jamie in the Woolpack, says Emmerdale star Emily Symons!

Jamie’s sick of being a toyboy and wants to go public. What’s Louise’s reaction?

“Louise is horrified at the prospect. She’s worried what people will say. She already has a bad reputation where men are concerned. Going out with someone who’s 12 years her junior will only make it worse.”

Yes, but does she care for him?

“She genuinely does. She’s surprised that she’s having this nice relationship – and it is a relationship rather than just a fling – with a guy who makes her laugh and isn’t a psycho axe murderer! It makes me laugh – Louise usually goes for suited, booted types with loads of money and a nice car but now she’s secretly riding around in a rusty ice-cream van with a bloke in a pink T-shirt!”

But things come to a head when Viv nearly catches them out and Jamie’s stunned at Louise’s OTT reaction…

Jamie is hurt that Louise is so concerned about what other people think and demands that they go public. Louise fires back and finishes the relationship. He’s gutted and refuses to speak to her. Then the secret does get out and Louise insists it was never serious. Jamie’s upset and tells her he was falling in love… And that makes Louise realise just how much she cares for him. In fact, she’s devastated she’s lost him…”

But she gets him back… by finally going public!

“She announces how she feels about Jamie in front of a packed Woolpack and they end up in each other’s arms. The villagers react the way you’d expect – she gets called a cradle snatcher and is told she’s old enough to be his mum. She doesn’t like it, but she wants to be with Jamie. The Hopes aren’t happy and neither is her ex Terry.”

Is Terry jealous?

“It’s not that. He’s a good mate. But when he questions her, Louise is like ‘You know what? Jamie’s a breath of fresh air and he makes me really happy. I don’t care what anyone else thinks’.”

So might Jamie, after a roll call of disasters, be the one?

“I just hope she doesn’t do her usual and mess it up. I think she’s getting to a stage when she wants to settle down, but I never really see her as a married woman. Besides, the odds are that Jamie will run off with a younger model before she gets him up the aisle.”

Don’t bet on it!

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