Emmerdale’s Nick: Jimmy resorts to abject begging!

Emmerdale‘s Nick Miles talks to Soaplife about Jimmy’s love triangle and how he loses out all round.

When Jimmy forgot he was married to Nicola and the father of Angelica it was hard for Nicola to bear. Telling her he slept with Kelly and that he had fallen in love with her was too much. Now, though, Jimmy’s got his memory back and realises he has made the biggest mistake of his life. “But Nicola hates him now,” says Nick. “And he feels sick about it all.”

And now Nicola wants a divorce…

“Yes and Jimmy’s devastated. He tries everything… Abject begging is the best way to describe it – he just begs! He just wants her back, but she’s a tough cookie.”

We doubt he wants Nicola and Kelly fighting over him, but they do…

“Yes. It happens after Jimmy decides the only thing to do is for him to tell Kelly to leave. Kelly makes out to Nicola that Jimmy is going to leave with them and the fight starts. Nicola draws blood and Kelly threatens to go to the police to get Nicola arrested for assault. Jimmy is the only person who can stop that happening because he knows Kelly assaulted him.”

So Kelly leaves with Elliot. Is losing his son the sacrifice he may have to make to get Nicola back?

“That’s on the line and he has to bite that bullet and make that decision, yeah.”

Have you enjoyed this storyline?

“It has been amazing. I went on Loose Women and they showed the clip where Jimmy chose to be with Kelly and the entire audience were booing like you wouldn’t believe. People have really got involved and everyone’s been shouting in the street at me, ‘Leave Kelly!’, ‘You’re an idiot’ and ‘Come here and I’ll smack you over the head!'”

Can you tell use if there is more to come?

“Well, the story’s got legs as Jimmy’s as tenacious as Nicola is tough. One of Jimmy’s best qualities is that when he’s got a bone, he doesn’t give it up. I think you’ll be seeing him make a siege at the castle of Nicola.”

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